April 27, 2021

Women In Business – Make an Impact

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Date(s) - April 27, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm



Get out of your comfort zone and make more of an impact!

We’re excited to have Vicky Evans, a qualified Advanced Life Mastery and Success Coach coming to speak and inspire at our next event.

This session is designed to help ANYONE who wants to have a bigger impact and more success in their professional life to find their inner strength and move forward with more confidence.

We will cover what typically holds us back, building empowering beliefs about our abilities, how to visualize success and how to channel your best self at work or on stage! We will also cover practical steps towards better ‘public speaking’ (or even just presenting to your colleagues or Boss at meetings)

Come along with a notebook and pen and an open mind, be prepared to have some fun, to contribute privately (in your notebook) and to share with a partner, or if you want to challenge yourself – the room! You can read Vicky’s full Bio below.

WYP’s Women in Business series is about welcoming strong women in business to speak,
but the learnings from this event will help anyone regardless of gender.

Pricing for this event:

Members – your entry is free

Non-members – $10 for a ticket

We’ll see you there!

Vicky Evans’ Bio:

For over 15 years Vicky worked with organizations and individuals, helping them
reach their corporate and personal development goals. Longing for an answer to the question, “there must be more to life than this” plus a greater connection with nature
led her to give up my corporate life and move to New Zealand after the birth of her
two children, Daniel who is now 10 and Sofia who is 8. Loving life as a full-time mum
and looking for more challenge, Vicky originally trained as a Fitness Instructor (yoga
and pilates) and Health coach.

Vicky is a passionate advocate of the mantra, “you are NEVER too old to trust your
instincts and change your life!” A deep desire to make more of a contribution in her
life led her to a career as a Life Coach with the Life Mastery Institute. Mary
Morrissey, founder of the Life Mastery Institute trained with Wayne Dyer (the Secret).

Vicky is qualified as an Advanced Life Mastery and Success Coach. Vicky splits her
time between Speaking events and coaching individuals, small groups and teams
online or in person. Vicky is inspired by working internationally, helping clients to
follow their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.
Vicky also enjoys running Workplace wellbeing programs and workshops for
Executives, Managers, Professionals and teams who want to ‘step up’ in one or
more aspect of their personal or professional lives. This enables clients to create a
blueprint for the future and then take steps towards making it a reality.



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